Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sore Bums All Around

Here's how my day went. I promise it really happened like this. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The morning started out with a bunch of sore bums at work. We had warm weather yesterday, which melted some of the snow, which made the parking lots wet, which froze overnight, and made lots and lots of black ice this morning. Allsorts of people fell getting out of their cars. I was lucky and caught myself between two cars before I went all the way down.

This was a travel day for me, so around 11:00, I left work for the airport. All of this weather inversion stuff created a very heavy Pea Soup sort of fog. And the drive to the airport was beautiful -- still heavy fog and lots of frost on the trees. They were all fuzzy looking -- sort of like we'd had a Yarnstorm or something.

So, fog means delays. Or in my case, and true to my traveling form lately, when I got to the airport, they announced that my flight was cancelled. To which I exclaimed, Turkey Feathers! So, they loaded us all on a bus for a 4 hour ride to O'Hare. In spite of the female college basketball team on board, everyone apparently fell asleep, 'cause they were all quiet as a Mausi -- you could have heard a Tree Fall (or maybe that's a pin drop -- whatever.) Unfortunately, I'd forgotten my handwork -- no Thread and Scissors (that's thread and clippers -- they don't like scissors on a plane, you know) at all. So, I spent my time perusing a downloaded version of Molly Chicken's archives and thinking about the little challenge that Portobello Pixie threw down on Monday -- to post your favorite project (which I fully intend to do when I get home this weekend.)

We arrived at O'Hare, about 10 minutes too late for my flight to Newark. So, I had to sit around for 2 1/2 hours. That was ok though -- I love O'Hare. Watching the people. And I usually don't see anyone famous, but tonight Mike Ditka went whizzing by in one of those beep-beep-beep airport carts with a cellphone glued to his ear looking all disdressed. Once we boarded the plane, the pilot announced that air traffic control said it would only be 10 minutes before we could take
off. And, he says, they're pretty reliable. "Stop Kidding Around!" I say to myself. Everyone knows ATC tells whoppers. We sat on that stupid plane for an hour. Finally in the air, they're selling snacks. What's that all about? A bag of M&Ms for $3.00??? I'm thinking about taking Milk and Cookies next time and selling them to my neighbors for 50 cents. Would you buy cookies from a stranger? Nah, I didn't think so -- it's a Barefoot Daydream of mine.

So, now it's past midnight and I'm finally in the hotel. Such is Life on the Run.

But Wait. There's More. I. Missed. Lost!!! Flibbertygibbet!!!! We are not Be*Mused!

And to think, when I woke up this morning, all I wanted was to be was one Creative Little Daisy....


P.S. And just 'cause I hate to post without a picture, here's just about the only picture I have with me on my hard drive...TheEmptyNestChild in a box imitating a Scottish Lamb. (Sorry, couldn't help that one -- love her site and what's a girl to do at 1 a.m to squeeze her in????)


KBG said...

So creative. Now I have to spend my morning finding NEW blogs. Becuase that's what I really needed - more blogs to look at - my husband will be thrilled.

autum said...

This was so clever! Now I'm off to follow some links.

Flibbertygibbet said...

Very cute! Thanks for the mention too.