Monday, February 19, 2007

A Quiet Weekend

We had the perfect kind of quiet weekend with no outside commitments. I was perfectly content to enjoy the snow from inside and work on projects. It's always fun to see that critters are snooping around outside. If this had been summer, we'd never have known that we had a visitor. I enjoyed it while I could because all this beautiful snow will probably be gone by this weekend, as we're expecting temperatures in the 50's (10 - 12 celsius, I think?)

I played in my sewing room a lot this weekend. Four or five years ago a man at work gave me a bunch of partially used bolts of the fabric you see to the right. He and his wife had recently divorced and he was getting rid of the evidence -- she had decorated much of their house in these fabrics. They don't really go with my decor, but a girl can't turn down free fabric! A year or two ago I made three big tote bags for my mom, aunt and myself for a trip to Scotland. I'll soon be taking another trip with the ladies plus cousins, so I'm working on some little bags for everyone. They're not really turning out how I envisioned them, but it's been really fun to play.

I've also admired the name tapes that so many crafters out there are using, so I decided to play a little with my embroidery machine and these tapes are the result. Given the huge variety of thread colors and ribbons, the possibilities for these little tapes are endless.

Other than that, it's been slow, but very relaxing around here. I spent a little time reading blogs too. I love these bags -- I love little details in sewing -- piping, pleats, gathers, buttons, etc. and these bags show some of them off beautifully. I also finished up reading the archives at Yarnstorm -- this site is so interesting and chock full of eye candy! Hope you have time to do some snooping reading too!

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KBG said...

Oooooh, so jealous. I love those labels - I totally now need to buy an embroidery machine so that I can make my own. I wonder if that will be approved by budgeting?