Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Nice Day With Friends

My quilty peeps came to sew for the day. We're the remnants of a friendship quilting group that started 19 years ago. There were 12 of us and we would meet once a month. We all took turns hosting the meeting. Each hostess would provide drinks and snacks and give everyone in the group a quilt block pattern and maybe some fabric so that they could complete one or more quilt blocks for the hostess in the following month.

So, for example, I hosted the very first ever meeting of our little group. I chose the bear paw pattern. I gave everyone a packet with the pattern, some fabric for the background of the block, and some embroidery floss. Then I requested that they each choose a blue and red fabric from their stash to complete their block. I also requested that they each embroider their name, the date, and something they "loved" (with the condition that it couldn't be their spouse, children, etc.) It's fun now to look back and remember that one of them loved wee babes, one loved books, one loved jukeboxes, etc. And, interestingly enough, no one chose the same thing!

We learned a lot that first year. We were all at a similar skill level except for one girl. I remember the block she made me had the seams cut so close to the stitching that the seams frayed and came apart. We tried to be a teaching group with demos and lessons, but even though we discussed 1/4" seams many times, she still cut them too close. Everyone was afraid to say anything to her for fear of hurting her feelings. She was only with us for that first year though as they had to move for her husband's job.

Anyway, after 5 or 6 years, we got tired of doing blocks every month, so we just got together and worked on our own projects. Over the years someone would drop out and then someone new would join. It seemed like the newer members never lasted long though -- I guess it's hard to join a group that has a history together. Now we're down to only 7 of us and we no longer meet monthly. Up until this last year, we always drew names for homemade gifts. We try to get together at least twice a year -- sometimes just for a Saturday and other times for an over night -- but always to sew together.

And, of course we eat too. Everyone brings a dish or two to share. That's fun too, because we always end up with a nice variety -- we never end up with all salads or all desserts, it's pretty balanced. This year, I added the little felted needle cases that I made a few days ago to the table setting.

Did you notice the little salt cellars? My mother found these at an antique shop and gave them to me for Christmas this year.

You know it's been a good day when the binding is done, the sun is setting, and the thimble is upside down.

Have a great weekend!


KBG said...

Are we going to get to see a picture of said quilt? It sounds really interesting.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh! Sure -- I'll try to take a picture on Friday or Saturday and post it. Thanks for asking! ;-)