Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Big Win!

My DadLovesMeBestSister works at a school that has a big auction fundraiser every winter. It's a black-tie affair -- attendees purchase a ticket and are treated to a fabulous dinner and both silent and live auctions -- all in the school auditorium. They always choose a theme from a children's book (past years have included A Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are, etc.) This year the theme was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I never attend, but I like to sneak in before the event and check out the auction items and decorations. This year wasn't quite as over-the-top as in past years, but it was pretty neat, nonetheless. I took a few pictures...

A few auction items that caught my eye:

Entering the chocolate factory...beautiful flowers and the crowd behind the fence:

Hang up your coat and admire the candy:

Inside the auditorium, the tables were beautiful:

Every year they raffle off a diamond bracelet. This year they sold 100 chocolate bars for $100 each -- only one would contain the Golden Ticket for the bracelet. This morning, my sister e-mailed this picture to me:

She Won!!! The Golden Ticket was in her candy bar. Congratulations little DadLovesMeBestSister -- you deserve it! What a way to warm up the cold winter!!!


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Gardengirl said...

Love the photo's you posted. Who ever was in charge of decorating did an amazing job.