Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cousin Bags

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on some little bags for an upcoming trip with the women in my family.
These didn't really turn out like I saw them in my head. When I made the first one, it had a bottom like you see on these (with the box shape) but the zipper ran straight across the top. They just looked so awkward though, so I changed the top to reflect the boxy shape of the bottom. Then they looked really dorky, so I added the little ribbon loop. They still look a little odd to me, but I'm very pleased with the little bee on the back of each one and I think the ribbon loop added a little something.

I have no idea what the cousins will use them for. I'm going to use mine to hold camera stuff (batteries, extra cards, etc.) On the theory that you shouldn't gift an empty bag, I'm going to put some snacks, lip balm, and bandaids in them -- a little beach survival kit, so-to-speak.I feel like this green floral fabric should be my thrifted white wool blanket. After all, my fabric was free -- can't get much more thrifty than that. It would certainly be more versatile if it were plain white, but I can still envision several projects for this fabric -- not that I'm crazy about it, but because I want to use it up. I didn't use much of it on the outsides of the bags, but I managed to use a fair bit of it on the linings. The women in my family are probably going to get sick of seeing it!



Flibbertygibbet said...

I have a feeling that whoever draws you as a partner in the fabric swap is going to be very, very lucky... can't wait to see what you make as these bags are adorable!

KBG said...

Um, I think blogger just ate my comment. Here's what I said:

I wish I was your cousin! Those bags are so cute! Have a great time at the beach.

Gardengirl said...

Your cousins are lucky ladies. The bags are adorable and I love the colors too.

christina said...

The bags are SO pretty and feminine. I'm sure your cousins loved them.

Lisa said...

Ohh those pouches are just darling! They're the kind of thing that you'd like to keep and use for ever!

Sharon said...

Hi Anna,
Did you have a pattern for these bags? They are adorable. I would love to make a few for some friends.