Friday, June 1, 2007

Two Shirts: Check

Before the big pile was dumped on us, I managed to cut out three shirts and get two of them completed. (Check that off the list!) They're made from the fabric that I bought when I went to Hawaii. This blue shirt is a cotton fabric with a little bit of lycra, so it has some give. Cotton with lycra has been fairly hard for me to find, so if I even remotely like it, I'll buy it because it's so comfortable. I've made this pattern (Vogue 7433) before and I wear it a lot.

This pink shirt is an all cotton print. It's a new-to-me pattern (Simplicity4045) and I altered it a little bit. The original had cap sleeves and I lengthened them, 'cause, you know, I'm not 16 anymore. I have vivid memories of my grandma making cookies and her little arm flaps wiggling. While I don't have grandma's arm flaps yet, I do worry that they could spring up any day now, and I want to still wear this shirt!

I have a friend who likes to go to high end clothing shops and try to "copy" the styles. She once told me that a fair amount of designer clothing appears to be cut on the bias, which makes them give a little more. And that is supposed to make them more comfortable. The reason I'm telling you this, is because the front and back of this pink shirt are cut on the bias, so I'll be able to test this theory out. So far, so comfortable.

KBG has tagged me to list my 5 favorite restaurants, so I'll be giving that some thought. Maybe I'll even test one out tomorrow. Yeah, that's it. "Honey, we have to eat out 'cause that cute girl* in the Ukraine wants to know where I like to eat!" Think it will work? Report this weekend!


*You could be 75 -- I would still call you a girl 'cause "lady" and "woman" just seem too stuffy!


KBG said...

So funny - "girl" doesn't offend me, I can assure you I've been called much worse!

dizzyjadey said...

Loving that blouse with the pink-ish all-over print, Anna! How does it look like on?

Lucy Locket said...

wow - those shirts look lovely - I haven't done any dress making for years.

Ragged Roses said...

Love those shirts. Pink one is my favourite. Funny you should mention about flapping arms, my girls are on the look out for mine. Hope you have a great weekend.
Kim x

rohanknitter said...

Very cute tops! I love to find a cotton/lycra blend too. (But I've never made a shirt)

Nicole said...

The shirts are fantastic! It has been a long time since I did any garment sewing, but back in the day, everything in my closet was something I had sewed myself.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! I'm looking forward to spending some time with my Singer soon--I'm making curtains for the will be a while before I make any shirts for myself!

meggie said...

Love your shirts! How pretty that blue is.
The flaps that wiggle... I'm there!

hannah said...

I love your pink shirt particilarily, im a bit scared to try grown-up clothes myself, but have begun to make some for my little ones, its fun! your fabric is gorgeous, and i like the style too.