Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm So Weak

That's what Autum says when she's been fabric shopping and has no willpower. All my recent travel has left me very weak. I bought fabric and I couldn't help it.

In Hawaii, we visited Kaimuki Dry Goods. (Sadly, we were running late and missed Sawyer though.) Kaimuki was a wonderful shop with lots of different fabrics. They even had woolens and fleeces, which on the 90 degree day of our visit, I found myself wondering when they would ever use/wear them. In my weakness, I purchased the prints to the right for some summer shirts.

In the Kansas City area, I visited Prairie Point Quilt Shop (no website, phone is 913-268-3333), Harper's Fabric and Quilt Shop, and Country Expressions Quilt Shop . I always visit Prairie Point when I'm in the area. They have a nice variety of fabrics and samples. I also love Harper's. Mostly because they have more modern quilt fabrics which are harder to find where I live. I've been on the lookout for the Freshcut fabrics, so I had to get some, along with some other prints that snuck into my bag.

At Harper's I also found the valentine pin-up-girl print that's been on my search list. It's pictured here with a Hawaiian pin-up-girl print from Kaimuki's. I have a great time making boxers for my boys with these types of prints. (Please ignore the wrinkles, these fabrics are fresh out of the suitcase!)

This was my first visit to Country Expressions. It's about an hour from the KC airport, but it was well worth the trip. I got there just as they were closing and they were so nice to stay and let me browse for a few minutes. I found the flannel to the right that will eventually appear in my wardrobe as new jammies. Also at Country Expressions, I bought a few of the prints that are in the picture above of the Freshcut fabrics.

And if all this fabric weren't enough, when I got home, more fabric had arrived from the Flibbertygibbet fabric swap. I waited until I mailed my packages this morning, then came home and tore into my packages to find all of this loveliness!

First, from Dawn some wonderful bright fabrics. Dawn, they're not too bright and I love them! Thank You So Much! Then, from Helen some great earth tones with orange which I also love! And some beads to match and a little piece of the chocolate I've heard so much about. I'm hoarding it, but I doubt it will make it through the weekend! Thank You, Thank You Helen!

Swapping was so fun -- I'm ready to do it again! I am a little concerned though -- it seems everyone has high expectations that I'll actually get something made from these fabrics! I'm a hoarder -- I thought you all knew this! LOL!

Oh, and this is a little late -- but Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone, especially you, little Irish lass!

May your troubles be less
And your blessings be more

And nothing but happiness

Come through your door.

-- Irish Blessing



Isabelle said...

I'm awed by the thought of someone actually making pyjamas. How very self-sufficient. I like creating things with a needle and thread (though don't actually do it much) but - pyjamas, no. I shall never be that dedicated. But I'm very impressed that you might be.

KBG said...

So jealous of the ability to walk into any number of quilt shops. There are fabric stores here, but quilting material is sometimes hard to come by.