Monday, March 26, 2007

Let's Get Real Monday

Randi over at I Have to Say... is hosting Let's Get Real Monday with a theme of spring cleaning. There's plenty of dirt around here, but I didn't want to be too disgusting. Like, say, the toilet in the kids bathrom upstairs. I haven't been up there since the kids went back to school after Christmas break. So, I'm assuming there are probably things growing in there by now. Outta sight, outta mind. Or, life's too short to clean a toilet no one uses.

So, on to my most dreaded spring cleaning project: The Linen/Gift/Overflow ClosetIt might not seem like much, but all those linens really need to be removed, laundered, and re-folded. The last tablecloth I took out of there had spots on it, and I know it was clean when I put it in there. Spots grow in the dark, you know. And all that other junk needs to be straightened/pitched. Oh, and see that little orange teddy on the top shelf? He's there for his own protection -- TheEmptyNestChild thinks it's his boyfriend. If you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do.

Now you've seen it. Post your own Get Real Monday project and hop on over to Randi's and list yourself. Like Autum, I'm going to close the doors. Maybe I'll get to it later. Maybe not.



autum said...

We had a stuffed dinosaur that had to be hidden years ago. I forgot about that thing. I'll probably come across it one day in the back of a closet.
Your's doesn't look too bad from here.

KBG said...

If that's as bad as it gets in your house then I'm TOTALLY NOT posting pictures of my house. So embarassing.

randi said...

I know what you mean about out of sight out of mind! Sometimes it is better not to look!

your shelves don't look bad at all so you will have a quick clean up!

Thanks for participating!!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I'm doing a closet too. I'm sure everything in mine is covered in a thick layer of dust :-(

Your cousin bags are so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely closet--so many useful cubbies!

We have a set of curtains that I take down in the springtime and put away until winter--each time I do this, I'm sure they are cleaned before they're put away. But when winter comes and I get them out, I can't tell for sure that they are really clean...spots in the dark and all of that...

Thanks for posting!