Thursday, June 7, 2007


Just a little one. I need a diversion from socks and from fabric folding. My stew-dee-o sewing room is such a pigsty so I'm doing a little cleaning. I'm finding the fabric folding method to be very helpful, although pretty slow. Hopefully I'll be done before TheSecondChild graduates from college in two years.

Not much else happ'nin around here. The quilty peeps and I are in a high state of distress. Our LYS closed and we've been rendered Cascade220Less. If you have any good recommendations for great yarn mail order places, we'd love to hear them!

Remember when I posted about s'mores? I found these and these that look heavenly. Definitely on the list to try. Btw, I tried the Eclair Cake and it was a big hit with TheManoftheHouse and my extended family. Yum, Yum.

And if you haven't checked out H2's blog, get thee there now. She's been doing a great series of posts on the SLC quilt market. Have you ever seen a booth so beautiful?

TheEmptyNestChild told me this better be a scarf for him. Hard to believe that sweet innocent face could have those balls of yarn spread all over the house in a matter of minutes.



rohanknitter said...

That yarn looks so soft and pretty - what is it??
That is a beautiful kitty!

Cathy said...

love the colour, Anna - looks gorgeous with your white cat.

autum said...

That soft pink yarn and the soft white kitty look so pretty together!!
I folded all my fabric a while back and it took me about three days. I folded for hours and hours and thought I'd never finish, but it was so worth it. It still looks great.

Sarah and Jack said...

I also love the pink next to the kitty (who looks very much like one of our kitties, complete with a black spot on the nose!).

Glenna said...

Sweet yarn and kitty--and look how his nose is the exact same color! My 3 fav yarn websites: (nice VT site); (friendly, quick shipping in Richmond, VA); (NY I think, with fabulous print catalog and all the Cascade 220 you could want). Bummer about losing the LYS.

Lucy Locket said...

hi Anna - thanks for the comments on the dragon boy! Made me smile! Don't let EmptyNestChild steal your knitting (even if he is cute)! I will be posting about my 5 top places to eat soon but birthday came first! Lucy

Ragged Roses said...

Love the knitting and the kitty! I once sat making a rug for two hours, got up and realised that my cats had been at the other end unravelling it!! Enjoy your weekend.
Kim x

Jane Weston said...

What an angellic sweet!

meggie said...

Oh what a sweet Empty nest child! Love that soft pink, & those sweet little cables.
I burst out laughing at Ragged Roses, the unravelled rug!

Biscuitbear said...

Ooh I love the color of your knitting! Very yummy! Lovely texture too with those cables.