Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Letter.

Dear Sirius and Cassie,

The Lady here has suggested that I write you two a little note, you know, a welcome to the 'hood sort of thing. (You know how mother's "suggest" that you clean your room or something? Yeah, that sort of "suggestion.") Anyway, I'm ok with it. Welcome to Blogland all the way from over here in America!

Hopefully you'll like it around here. There's lots to see. Lots of kittie porn. You can make new friends and check up on all their cuteness. Like here, and here, and even a hint as to what you might look like when you grow up, here. And, of course, Moi. As you can probably see, I'm a rather handsome stud myself, blurriness and all.It looks as though you've found yourselves a rather wonderful family. And they've bought you such a pretty bed! My Lady bought me the dumbest thing. I know she meant well, and thought I'd like it 'cause I jump into every bag or box that she puts down. But, Hel-lo! I'm way too big for that stupid bed. Besides, it's a cat head, for crying out loud. I sent it over to my Auntie kitties and they didn't like it either. Smart Aunties. Hey, before I forget ... can you get Haggis in your kitty food over there? 'Cause, that could be pretty tasty!

Well, anyway, not that you two need it or anything, but I thought I'd give you a few tips, you know, in a big brother sort of way:

::Your people will love it when you leap at them. I see you're well on your way to perfecting that. The other day, I took a running leap at my Lady and almost buckled her knees. I'll try harder next time.

::If you can find yarn or string around, it's great fun to unwind it all through the house. Around table legs, up and down stairs, in and out of rooms. Stay away from the ribbons though. Man that stuff is fun to eat. I ate a few feet of it one day and got a big tummy ache. Stopped eating for a few days (you know it had to be serious, 'cause I have to eat often to maintain my stunning physique.) Anyway, next thing I knew, they cut me open and took all that ribbon out. Ouch!::The men are the best to cuddle up with. They have those strong hands that are good for scratching behind the ears.

::Hide and seek is awesome. Cassie, I heard that you've tried that one out already. Kinda freaks the people out when they can't find you! But it's oh-so-fun to listen to them calling and calling your name while you're hidden somewhere snickering.

I guess I should probably wrap this little missive up. My lady has been kinda crabby lately. She's been working on a blue and white quilt. She laid a ton of little square pieces all over the living room floor the other day. I had the time of my life dive-bombing all that fabric. Even took a slip-n-slide approach and ended up under the couch. Then, I hear the Lady yelling at me and her big ol' face appeared under that skirt-flap and she yanked those squares I took under the couch away from me. Poor sport. She's got no sense of humor. I heard her complaining to her Mum (hey -- like how I'm using Scotland-speak for Mom?) that she didn't have enough blocks and now she's going to have to make a bunch more. Sah-weet! I hope she lays them all over the floor again.
Well, you kids be good. When you get a little older, I'll tell you a few big kitty tricks. Let's just say, stuffed animals are involved. (Ooh, maybe I shouldn't have said that -- your Lady might not let you hang out with me.)
Later man,

P.S. Have you two heard anything from Sheepcat lately? If you see him, tell him I said hello!


dizzyjadey said...

LOL...my tummy is aaaching for laughing! If our cat could talk...he thinks he lords it over this place. And I love the look of your quilt top, too.

Gardengirl said...

This a funny post.....I loved it and the kitty is adorable !!!!!

meggie said...

Great Post!! I laughed & laughed, & pictured the little black Sirius & Cassie, listening in awe, with huge wide eyes.
Scruff is just beautiful!! I have this longing to have a cat now, but GOM assures me we will never be getting one!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a delightful post!
I love your quilt. It's beautiful. Blue and white is my favorite combination in most anything, but this is going to be stunning.

picperfic said...

you are so clever with your words! Made me laugh, I mean chuckle and laugh! And then I read the previous post and now I have to add you to me 'feeds' so i can visit you again. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The pattern is in an old Debbie Bliss book of mine, New Baby Knits, but I am sure almost positive shehad teddies scattered about in more of her recent publications.

Vallen said...

Could be Opal's cousin.

Isabelle said...

Wow! Sirius and Cassie have asked me to say (they can't type yet, being only 10 weeks old) that they're very excited indeed to have starred in an American cat's blog post. He's such a handsome chap, too. They're very interested in his wise words, and would think of some of their own if they weren't at this minute occupied in rushing around their kitchen after each other, leaping from chair to chair and trying to figure out why their lady (or mum) won't allow them to jump on the table. She thinks that they never do, but on the other hand she doesn't see what they get up to when they're supposed to be in bed...

Nicole said...

Love the blue and white quilt. Do you have any other pictures showing more of the blocks? I have a ton of blue and white I would love to use in a scrappy quilt.

Ragged Roses said...

Dear Scruff
Thank you so much for this very interesting blog entry - have you though of getting one of your own? Please tell your lady that her quilt looks lovely. Hope you don't mind but I won't be passing any of your tips on to my two cats, they've got enough tricks of their own. Love to your lady
Kim x

Yummers! said...

What a wonderful gift to be able to make others laugh... and you did it! Our cat Gabby is a girl cat and would like to say 'hello' to your very handsome Scruff (a bit of 'eye candy'). She's already checked out Isabelle's kitties, but that's robbing the cradle. Love your quilt... it's beautiful!
Jini (Wisconsin)

Felicia said...