Friday, June 15, 2007

The Garden Shed

With all the gardening going on in blogland, I've been wanting to show you the pond and the little shed that my brother-in-law built for MyDadLovesMeBestSister a few years ago.The pond area used to be a big hill -- my BIL dug it all out (the whole area, not just where the actual water is) by hand with a shovel. He's such a hard worker! My BIL is a lot of fun and he loves to do handyman things. He'll try anything -- even if he's never done it before. (Which is a little scarey, if you think about it.) I love that sense of adventure about him! They live in an 80 year old house, so he's had a lot of projects. When the family girls were in Hawaii, he gutted the one full bath in the house, as a surprise for MyDadLovesMeBestSister upon her return. She had been wanting to re-do the bathroom for years. He did a great job -- it wasn't quite complete when we returned, but what can you expect for only one week? MyDadLovesMeBestSister was SO excited. *

Anyway, back to the pond and shed. My BIL also did all the work on the shed himself, with barely any plans. The picture to the right is a close-up of the door. They found an old screen door in the attic and asked me to paint it for them. He did a great job on the shed -- it's so cute and MyDadLovesMeBestSister keeps all of her gardening tools inside, along with a potting bench. She did all the landscaping around the pond. I think she did a great job of planning where everything should go. You can't really tell it from the pictures, but the pond is directly in front of the shed. So, if you are standing with your back to the door of the shed, you'll be looking at the pond.Wouldn't you just love to have a little gardening shed with a pond like this? I sure would!

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. It should be noted, that while I would love for TheManoftheHouse to be such a hard worker like my BIL, if TheManoftheHouse decided to completely redecorate a room in the house while I was gone, I would have to "do him bodily harm"! Really, would your ManoftheHouse be able to remodel to your tastes? I also admire my sister's fabulous ability to be so easy going!


Ragged Roses said...

Love that shed and pond. I want one!!! Quite right as much as I love TheManoftheHouse (mine that is not yours) would never leave him in charge of redecorating anything! Have a good weekend.
Kim x
Ps My tagging is complete!

Lucy Locket said...

My ManoftheHouse decided to paint the bathroom when he was off work on Wednesday and I was safely showing a friend my new fabrics. He meant to paint it white ...... but didn't realise that was the pot where I had been "mixing" things so the bathroom is now a very nice (really) shade of pale duck egg blue/aqua. A lovely colour in its own right but not very nice with the horrible pink tiles that our predecessor put in (which now look beige!) I think we will be buying some WHITE white paint soon!

autum said...

So sweet! The shed and the story behind it. My ManoftheHouse is a hard worker, handyman type too, but no, he wouldn't think to undertake any remodeling on his own.
In fact we had a converstaion last week about men having opinions when it comes to decorating the house. I was in the middle of helping his sister re-do her dining room and her husband was involved in every decision. It drove me crazy because I'm so accustomed to my husband letting me make all the decorating decisions. I guess it's female chauvinism, but I don't think men should have an opinion in these matters. Well, I guess they can have an opinion as long as it doesn't go against mine :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Actually, my husband would do an excellent job of remodeling to my taste!

The little house is so cute.

FinnyKnits said...

Friggen wow man!

I made a brief gesture toward a little shed like that during a recent trip to the lumberyard and Bubba about rolled his eyeballs out of his skull.

So not happening around here.

But so cute!

rohanknitter said...

Yes, I would love a little pond and shed like that -too cute!
No, I would not want farmer husband to remodel a room without me. ; )
But I don't think it would ever occur to I think I'm safe!

meggie said...

Do seious bodily harm! That is what would/should happen to GOM, should he try any such thing! But then, he never would. He knows he is no handyman.
Love the little shed, your painted door, & the wonderful pond. What a talented BIL!

dizzyjadey said...

What a gorgeous fun shed!.....or should I say cubbyhouse? I can imagine gingham curtains and flower planters on the windows :-)

And no, to your last question, nope, nope, nope. The last time the geezer tried to do a scrap of home decorating, he bought a tv chair that he was oh-so-proud of those bland beige leather recliners, which I just detest. Anyway, its been two years since and about time to ebay it...and no he hasn't attempted to do any surprise home decorating since :-)

Connie said...

I certainly would love to have one. Make mine a little bigger, add electricity, and I'd be in there sewing to my heart's content. It's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

The shed is just lovely! The whole landscape is perfect with a little place to sit and think and enjoy nature. Wow.

By the way, Anna, I just made some strawberry shortcake for a dessert today (we're having company for lunch) AND I bought all the ingredients for S'mores yesterday. Both were inspired by you...Thanks!


Shelina said...

LOL. I came over by following a link on Jane's blog. You had me laughing about your MyDadLovesMeBestSister. She is indeed a lucky woman. My sister is one of those too. Both the shed and the pond are so lovely - you might find me taking up residence there!