Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Favorite Shops in TheBigCity

I always enjoy going to Indianapolis if I know I'll have time to hit some of the quilt and yarn shops. This past weekend was perfect because TheManoftheHouse had a show that he wanted to see, so I dropped him off for the day and then I went shopping. Indy being the "Crossroads of America" and all*, I thought I'd tell you about my favorite shops there. I'm sure someone like Be*mused is infinitely more qualified to tell you about these shops, but I'll give you my opinion anyway.

So, here they are , 3 yarn shops and 3 quilt shops, starting on the south side of Indianapolis and finishing on the north side. Luckily they all have websites which will give you much better info than I ever could.

Back Door Quilts
. This is a great quilt shop. They have lots of stuff that covers a wide variety of styles of quilting. A little bit of everything -- except for the "modern" quilter. No free spirit types of fabric that I noticed.
For yarn shops, the mecca is Mass Ave. Knit Shop. After reading descriptions on the internet, I'd imagined a very sexy warehouse setting (picture New York Loft), neat, tidy and very stylish. Not so. It's pretty haphazard. A well-worn pair of shoes sort of feeling. But, oh, the yarn. And books. And friendly atmosphere. And lucky me -- I just happened to be there when everything in the store was at least 20% off. How often does that happen at a yarn store? (If you're near Indy, the sale lasts until Saturday, June 9th!) Mass Ave. Knit Shop is very near downtown. A little hard to find, but well worth it. You enter through the back door, sign pictured here.
I also like The Knit Stop. It's a much smaller shop, but very pretty. Lots of shop samples and inspiration. When I was there on Saturday, there were three dogs roaming around. I love dogs, so that was a really fun surprise and an unusual twist on the yarn-shops-are-for-cats line of thinking. And good news, they're getting ready to expand into the shop next to them, thus doubling their shop size.

Practically next door and just down the street from The Knit Stop is Quilts Plus. This has long been my favorite quilt shop, although The Back Door is giving it a run for it's money! They have beautifully made quilts, which are getting harder and harder to find as we are busier and tend not to invest time in the details of many pieces and fine handwork. Lots of civil war and wool stuff too.
Another quilt shop is Quilt Quarters. They're also a Bernina Dealer. I don't know what it is about quilt shops that are also dealers, but somehow they lose some points on charm. Quilt Quarters probably has the largest variety of fabric of the three shops with just a smidgen of Free Spirit to boot. And look, I felt compelled to buy some of the new Susan Branch fabrics here too. Do I need more fabric? No. But, it's my over-crammed sewing room and I'll buy if I want to.
And last but not least was my real treat for the day. The loverly Jewels has been telling Junie and I about Stitches and Scones for several months and I finally got to check it out. I loved it! Great yarns and displays and exceptionally neat and tidy. As my 12-yr. old nephew would say Sa-weet! Thanks Jewels for the recommendation -- it should definitely be added to our list for girls-day-out!
Somewhere along the way I picked up this Duck Duck Goose fabric. There are no babies (that I know of) on my radar. But I just had to have it. Maybe I'll make it for me. Well, probably not really. Maybe I'll do like Gurney and start a baby hope chest for those grandbabies that may someday arrive.XOXO,

*You never know when you'll be driving across the country! I-70 runs smack-dab through the middle of Indy. Along with three other major freeways: I-65, I-69, and I-74. It's not the quilty/yarn mecca that someplace like Minnesota is, but just in case you're driving through....


rohanknitter said...

Ack! Susan Branch fabric - no wonder you couldn't pass it up! Sounds like lots of fun, esp Stitches and Scones. (love the name, too)
I did my 5 fav places to eat tag and now I'm so hungry! ; )

Dee said...

I am from Indiana, and live around Indy. I had no idea that these places even existed! I will have to check them out sometime!

Nicole said...

I feel like I was on a little shopping excursion with you! Great pics.

meggie said...

Loved your little tour, very nice. I also see that some of those shops have seats outside- ideal for the GOMs so they can sit patiently- & not check on what we are buying! LOL.
Not that I will ever get a chance to go to those shops... but it is nice to dream. You got some nice fabric!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Anna. There's a small yarn shop in Bethlehem that opened last fall, and I go there once a month for a Sit-N-Knit. I'm still so new to knitting that I rarely have a plan for what to buy. But I love to look and feel the yarns...I also have an instinct to smell them, too, but I have to curb that desire when I'm not planning a purchase...

Your fabrics are delightful!


Isabelle said...

Bethlehem?! I wonder where that is. I'm assuming it's not the one in Israel.

Thimbleanna, you make me feel so uncreative. How do you get time to do all that? Or at least to start all that?

Downsizing - I'm with you all the way. Three children means nine grandchildren, in my book, so I need a bigger house, not a smaller one. Not that I actually have any grandchildren yet, but I'm ever optimistic.

The Crafts House said...

the susan branch fabric is sooo pretty, haven't found it here in England yet...maybe soon

sharon said...

My son recently moved to Indiana and he found the two quilt shops that you spoke of. I love to visit him and shop at the two places. I love them!!! Great places. He works in an office building across the street from Quilt Quarters. Small world huh?
Love that gardening shed too. OMG I could move in there.