Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm having a busy few days, with not much time for sewing. Work all day, book group last night and a wedding tonight. I'm hoping to work on those pesky blue and white squares a little this weekend, but I'm also planning on working a little at the job too, so I can take Thursday and Friday off next week, making it a 5-day weekend. Woohoo!

So, with nothing new to show you, the classic fall-back is to show you something I love. This time around, I'll show you some of my favorite bags. The quilty peeps and I have been exchanging gifts for years (although we're currently in a lazy spurt and need to get back to it.) We always make 4 of whatever item we make, that way we all have the same goodies. Over the years, we've made a few bags:

I carry this little gem, made by Gurney, all around the house with me. It holds all the little tools that I need for hand work -- hand quilting, mending, etc. It's the perfect size.Junie made this little bag. I didn't use to be a bag person, and I remember when she gave it to me I wondered what I would use it for. It was too small for a magazine but too big to be my little "handwork" bag, as pictured above. But, that was before I became a sock knitter. It's THE perfect size for my sock knitting project du jour. It travels everywhere with me!And my big bag, made by Jewels. I love big totebags. They're great for everything. This one currently cuddles a sweater that I'm working on.I'm such a lucky girl to have such good friends. I luv me my quilty peeps -- and the bags they've given me!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Judy said...

Cool are a lucky gal!! Lucky you and me cuz I'm taking a 5 day weekend too!! I can hardly wait. I'm going to an art festival and flea market while I'm off.

Anonymous said...

They are lovely! I am also of the "one project per bag" persuasion, except that my small knitting projects usually end up in a Crown Royal bag, as we have many of them around the house...Your bags are much prettier than a whiskey sack!

Enjoy the wedding tonight and work hard so you can enjoy FIVE DAYS OFF!


meggie said...

Ooh, sitting here with serious bag envy!! Those are lovely. I have made a lot of bags, some i have given away, & some sit here unused. I must give more away.

dizzyjadey said...

I love the idea of your small hand work bag...I'm always just putting everything in a cereal bowl when I go to another part of the flat. And you're so lucky to have such generous friends. Your sock knitting bag would have to be my favourite. I'm in love with reproduction fabrics at the moment. Have a good weekend!

Karen said...

Hi Anna - Aren't treasures from the peeps just the best. I love a handmade gift. I always think of that person when I use it. That little hand work bag with the needle and thread is my favorite. I've seen that pattern around, but that dang zipper scares me off, lol.

Have a great 4th of July and hope you can have a looooong weekend.
Hugs - Karen

Lissy said...

Finding your blog has just made my day! I found your Angel Food Cake recipe....I am from Australia and went on exchange to the US years ago and every so often think of angel food cake which I had there...I keep thinking i must get a recipe! I think I also had a chocolate version?? Does this exist?? Anyway thanks! Lissy

Shropshire Girl said...

Reading your post I mistook 'quilty peeps' for 'quality peeps' but then I suppose they are those as well! Lovely bags!

Ragged Roses said...

Your quilty peeps are very talented - lovely!
Kim x

Nicole said...

I am just getting into making bags, and love the ones you pictured.

Deb said...

Great bags! How wonderful to have such good friends.
Thanks for visiting recently.