Friday, May 11, 2007

Lorna is Not My Friend.

I've been working on my socks and trying to come up with a solution to the "pooling" problem. I was using a pattern with 64 stitches on size 2 needles. I tried increasing stitches to 72 and reducing needle size to size 1. That didn't work. Then I read somewhere (a google search on "lornas laces pooling problem" yields many other people with this problem) that you can solve the problem by using two skeins at once. So I tried that, reducing the number of stitches to 48 and using size 4 needles.As you can see, it definitely gives the variegated look that I want, but the socks are pretty thick. Which would be fine for winter socks, but these are pastel colors and I'm hoping to wear them when I'm wearing spring/summer colored jeans.

I've used Lorna's Laces before and couldn't figure out why I've never had this problem. So, I looked through my socks and found this pair.Gee, I didn't even notice the pooling when I made them. I must have been on another planet or something. Anyway, I've decided I'll just duplicate this pattern again and be done with it. I'd much rather have a variegated look, but oh well. Lesson learned. And too bad, 'cause I just love Lorna's Laces colors.

Hope you're all geared up for a nice weekend!


meggie said...

Hi Anna, I tried to send you an email, to thank you for the recipe for the s'mores. I got it back, in a message saying it could not be delivered?
Anyway, Thankyou!
And I love those sock colours!

rohanknitter said...

Hmmm...annoying! I used Lorna's Laces for the socks I made and they didn't do that -- it was the shepherd sport though. I used the fingering weight to make a scarf and I didn't like how the colors flowed at all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anna, knitting socks sounds so ambitious...when I first learned to knit, I wanted to make socks and somewhere I lost the drive (I'm a very slow knitter...)

Yours are gorgeous, pooled or not!