Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Perfect

We had the most perfect day here today. It was sunny and warm and just a bit breezy. I had big plans to go into the dungeon and sew all day, but I just couldn't do it. Instead, I opened all the windows and cleaned house. I love to clean on a beautiful day with the breeze airing everything out. Just Heaven! The downside of all that cleaning is no pictures. I doubt you'd enjoy a picture of the cleaner in the toilet bowl, would you?

I did start a new sock this weekend, out of a Lorna's Laces yarn in a pastel color.Notice how the colors are pooling? (Yellows with greens and pinks with purples.) If I continue with this pattern, I'll end up with a candy cane effect on my sock. Apparently, this is a common problem with Lorna's Laces. I've tried three different patterns and the pooling persists. I'll be ripping this one out tomorrow to try something new. Hopefully sooner or later something will produce a nice mottled effect.

I do have a question for any of you readers with a green thumb. I've noticed the ends of my newly emerging hostas have been nibbled, which indicates that my wascally wabbit has returned. Does anyone have any rabbit deterrent suggestions? Several years ago we had a cat that patrolled the yard, but she disappeared on day. As a result, I won't let TheEmptyNestChild go outside. And speaking of cats, I heard once that it might help to put litter box contents around the hostas, so I might try that.

Here's to a good week ahead!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna
I spray vinegar to deter cats from the garden, maybe it would work for rabbits too. Good luck!
Cheers .... Anne

Flibbertygibbet said...

I had the same pooling problem with Colinette, but I think it was because I'd tried a toe-up pattern instead of the top-down they'd specified. Did they give you a pattern with the (beautiful) yarn? Maybe try toe-up!

Anonymous said...

I love to clean, too, on a beautiful spring day with all the windows open, fresh fragrant air and bright sunshine streaming in.

Your yarn choice is so pretty...I hope you are able to find one that doesn't pool quite so much.

...not sure what to say about the rabbit. Last summer while my husband was out of town, I let the chickens loose in our yard and they ate all of his native plants. Thankfully, the bleeding heart and bluebells came back this year.


meggie said...

I am a knitter, but I have never tried socks. I have been watching with interest, all you clever people knitting socks. I even printed out a pattern- lol, I cant understand the needle sizes they are American, I think, as is the yarn.
My question is: why is it so terrible to have the colours pool? Would they not be as warm, as the striped effect? I presume you all knit them for winter wear, under trousers where they would not be readily visible? Who would care? or rather why? lol.

I sympathise with your rabbit problem. Huge snails ate mine! The Bluetongue lizards took a holiday this year, so they seemed to flourish. Sorry, dont have a suggestion for the rabbits.