Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I met with my quilty friends tonight to knit and since they've discovered me here at Thimbleanna's, I thought it might be time to introduce them to you.

My first little quilty friend is Gurney (there's a story behind this nickname, but we don't know it yet!) Unfortunately, Gurney moved away quite a few years ago and she now lives 2 hours away. We used to only ever get together every 4 or 5 months and she always made it. But now, with an interest in knitting, we're meeting more often and she can't always make it. So, she wasn't with us tonight and we miss her terribly! She's lots of fun, knits and quilts all kinds of wonderful things, and she's a brand-spankin'-new grandma for the first time. That probably means we won't see her as often as we used to, but we're really excited for her anyway!

Next up, and to the right, we have Jewels. Jewels has a heart of gold, a fabulous sense of humor, and she keeps us laughing all the time. Jewels mission at our Knitnights is to learn how to knit socks. This is her very first sock and she's just turned her first heel! Woohoo! It's all downhill now baby! And do you notice the color of the yarn? 1) It's red. Jewels is all about red and she's made me love red too! 2) Notice a similarity to my sock? That's 'cause I admired this beautiful yarn and Jewels went out and got me some -- she's a sweetheart!

And lastly, we have Junie. Junie has a keen sense of style -- you should see her beautiful home. She and her husband are into all kinds of fun retro-y stuff -- jukeboxes, schwinn bicycles, and all kinds of old game machines (is that what you call them -- pinball, bowling, etc.) What you see below are exhibit A and exhibit B. Junie is knitting her very first project ever! She didn't even knit a sample. Not a scrap! She's making a felted purse and she's taken to knitting like a duck to water. She didn't even have the initial awkwardness that people have with the needles at first. I attribute it to her vast quilting/other needlework experience. Now, not to make fun of poor Junie, 'cause we're laughing with her, not at her, but in Exhibit A, you can see that she is unraveling a few rows. She picked her purse up one day and started knitting backwards. Haven't we all been there? I love mistakes, 'cause that's how I learn, and as she told me, "Bet I won't make that mistake again!" Exhibit B shows Junie progressing along nicely!

I hope you love my quilty friends as much as I do -- I'm sure this isn't the last time you'll be hearing about them. ;-)



rohanknitter said...

How fun to have some quilty/knitty friends!

KBG said...

Hello, quilty/knitty friends, welcome to the world of blogging! It's very nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

What delicious pictures! I love the yarn colors AND the subject.

I also enjoy a 'Sit N Knit' night with some good friends, although our history isn't quite as involved as yours.

Thanks for introducing your group!