Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Little Inspiration

Darn it all, the weather here today is stunning. Finally, we have a beautiful sunny day. Not that I'm complaining, but that means mowing season has started. (Technically, it's well under way. My nutty neighbor has mowed three times already. Obviously, he's not hooked on crack blogs, like I am.) Oh well, I've finished for today, and just thought I'd pop in quickly to mention a few of the fun things I saw in blogland this week (well, ok, some are more than a week old, but I keep forgetting to mention them!)

First of all, thank you for all the very kind comments about the bunny pincushions. For those of you who asked, they're made from a pattern called Bouncing Bunny by Lori Karper in 1989. Guess it's getting pretty old by now! ;-)

So, some inspiration for you, if you haven't seen these:

RohanKnitter made these adorable Nancy Drew bags! I loved Nancy Drew when I was a girl. And think of the possibilities for other books that could be put on these cute bags.

Check out these clever little paper clips!

Read this awesome article via Ali. Do you think you would have stopped?

The World's Longest Scrunchie. Allsorts is amazing, as always.

Here's a fun thing to try from Williams Sonoma. You can see samples of aprons personalized with your name in different colors.

How About Orange
pointed out that you can design your own Kleenex box for $4.99 each. I briefly played with this and can see where this could be really fun for little presents or stocking stuffers. (Not that we're planning ahead for Christmas or anything!)

In my "resistance is futile" granny effort I saw these (so cute!) and these. Maybe they would be good alternatives for someone who vows not to do an afghan???

And last but not least, Cherry Menlove hosted an interview with Susan Branch. Bloggers were able to submit questions (which I did 'cause I've loved her stuff FORever) and then ... at the end (and here's where I am so fortunate to have had "breathe in, breathe out" lessons from Flibbertygibbet) ... Susan said... "Anna, your thumbtacks are so darling, you inspired me. I'm designing a Viking embroidery CD for machines and because of you, I sent them all kinds of letters, some with flowers twining 'round them!" OHMYGOSH!!!!! Please pardon my excitement, but Susan Branch was here! And even a bajillion times better -- there's going to be a new Viking disk with designs I can use on those thumbtacks that I LUV to make!!!

Flib, please pass the paper bag! Do you think I dare dream it? I mean, if Susan Branch was here.....well, do you think... could there be any possible chance that maybe Sawyer could be far behind????



KBG said...

That Washington Post article is so interesting. He was really good - it makes me hope that I would have stopped and listened. Probably not though. I did't get off at that stop, but we did ride the metro in DC everyday for a year while going to language classes and you learn to tune it all out.
That being said, there was an old man on the streets of Kiev one day playing the violin and I did stop and listen and I left money, although I usually walk right by street musicians (and he wasn't nearly as good as this guy). So maybe I would have noticed this guy in DC?

meggie said...

I have just had some good laughs, courtesy of your blog. I just loved the story of the handknitted cushion, that your dog loved.
I crocheted cushion covers for family some years ago.
My daughter's much loved dog, who is my Granddog, took to the cushion I gave them, & he loves it to, almost, death.
He hasnt actually damaged it, but is just wearing it out! I just look the the other way.

My son-in-law has been seen surreptitiously trying to hide it.
My Grandson makes no secret of the fact it is getting threadbare. I love things to be used & loved, even if it is by the family dog!