Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

In the US today, we remember those who serve our country and have given their lives for our freedom.
The Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Everyone celebrates in their own way, but here are some suggestions.



Nicole said...

Thank you for the reminder of the true reason for this Memorial Day holiday.

Connie said...

I hope to one day visit the Arizona Memorial. It's way at the top of my wish list. Thanks for publishing the photo. Today we give thanks in memory of our fallen heroes.

Holly said...

Hey there thimbleanna,

LOVING your banner and your eclectic sense of style,
we are kindred spirits...

The best part about this new blog thing for me is that all of a sudden people I'd otherwise never get to meet are coming into my orbit.

I am thinking at some point a convention seems inevitable, don't you?