Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Little Surprise Amid the Work!

Whew! I'm sure glad we're done with that little mulching task. After two long days, we're done and I'm sore. Fortunately we only subject ourselves to that pain every other year. It rained on and off all weekend, so we got pretty wet and dirty. I felt like we were shoveling mud. The good part is that I planted a few new daisies, coneflowers and hydrangeas before mulching the beds, so it will be fun to see how pretty they might be!

I did have a little excitement in the middle of it all. This afternoon, I took a little break after I realized that we had been so busy yesterday, we'd forgotten to collect the mail. And just look what was waiting for me in my mailbox!It's the first of my two Flibbertygibbet swap packages -- this one from Sarah way over in England. I was SO excited to open it (I had to wash that brown muck off my hands first!). Look at the fabulous red fabrics! (Jewels, I know you're salivating now -- for the rest of you, Jewels is ALL about red!!!) Sarah also included a lovely hand made tag, a cute little notebook, those mod Cath Kidston tissues (how could you ever blow your nose into those???), and such adorable kitty-ness -- some kitty stickers and that cute kitty magnet! Thank you SO much Sarah -- I love it all. TheEmptyNestChild joins me in thanking you for remebering his kittyhood -- and he says hi to your three cute kitties! ;-)

The best part about this swappy stuff is that you "meet" new people, and now I have a new blog to read. Sarah, I'm enjoying your blog and I'm loving your package!!! ;-)

Now, I think I may have to take Shropshire Girl's advice and go have a nice long soak.


rohanknitter said...

Enjoy your soak!!! It sounds like you really earned it. That's a really nice swap package, plus it's extra fun coming all the way from England!

Sarah Jayne said...

I'm so glad you liked the package. I was a bit worried if it would make it in one piece. The little note book is by Pink Pig and they make the most fantastic sketchbooks - I just couldn't resist. And I just happened across the Cath Kidson tissues and had to get them.
I'm really please Flibbertygibbet took the time to arrange this - it's like having an extra birthday.. Glad you liked them.

Flibbertygibbet said...

Ah such glorious swappage, I am so pleased!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you are so excited about your swap package--everything is delicious! (I love kitties too!)