Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm Baaaack....

...and look what was here to greet me!I was hoping it would be here -- a beautiful new little corsage from Ragged Roses. And just look how prettily she had it wrapped. Underneath the bow is a lovely notecard, with what looks like a close-up of one of her tea cozies. So cute!But wait -- there's more! She put in a few extras. An adorable smaller corsage and a link to a recipe that cracked me up. She mentioned on her blog that she doesn't like mashed potatoes, so I teased her about how could anyone NOT like mashed potatoes??? Very funny Kim -- and thanks for the recipe!Kim's corsages are WONDERFUL! C'mon -- I know you want one! Rush on over and you too, can have one of your own! Thank you, Thank you, Kim!

It's a good thing I had such a fun surprise, 'cause it will carry me through my weekend of work. I'm hoping to get a little sewing done and of course, this time of year, there's lots of yardwork. Last weekend I managed to get a few flowers and herbs planted. (You're probably thinking those herbs are planted awfully close to each other, but they never grow much -- it's either WascallyWabbit or HerbChallengedGardener (that's me!)).

And do you know what this is? Anyone?It's a new season for HysterectomyLove. (Yes, it's important to knickname your plants.) Last year, my lovely friend Jewels sent me the most beautiful hydrangea for a post-surgery get well gift. I kept it in the house for 3 or 4 months and when it started to look a little wimpy, I decided to plant it outside. After which all its leaves fell off, so I thought I had killed it. But's come back to life!

Which only goes to show you that when I introduced my friends to you, I was absolutely correct about Jewels. She does have a heart of gold. My friends teased me about how I characterized them -- assigning Jewels the heart and Junie the style. Jewels jokingly said she wanted to be the one with style. You just wait Jewels....when HysterectomyLove blooms, everyone will see that you have a fabulous sense of style too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

*Marquee courtesy of HowAboutOrange, HappyZombie and


Ragged Roses said...

I am sooo happy that you like your things and that they cheered you up! I hope the recipe is good too (!) of course I've never had a need for it! I hope that hysterectomyloves blooms and blooms for you! And a big thank you for the mention. Hope you're having a good weekend
Kim x

meggie said...

Those corsages are lovely!Lucky you. loved this post with your thoughts for nice friends.

Lucy Locket said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - "Fred" was looking his cutest when I took the photo - I have an even nicer one of him concentrating on the sewing but sadly it is out of focus :(
I was just so pleased that they all happily sat down and sewed and didn't get frustrated with it all (which has often happened with the older two). We all just had a really nice time! I'm going to read your blog now as they are all happily playing outside. Lucy

Vallen said...

I'm so jealous - the corasge AND you still have Bob's Big Boy? Ours was closed years ago. Wahhhh!

Anonymous said...

Anna, oh migosh, this post had it all! So I am impressed about the hydrangea sprouting! But tell me more about the corsage... I love it, but what do you do with it? Could I put it on my purse?