Thursday, May 3, 2007

Swimming in Chocolate

Thank you so much for your kind comments about my little bags. They're so fun and easy to make -- I do hope some of you will try them!

It's a busy time here at Thimbleanna's. I spent all day yesterday on the road to "gather up" TheSecondChild* from college. And what do college kids do when they're done with their finals and they're waiting to go home?Don't be silly -- they go Swimming in Chocolate!Tomorrow we'll travel to spend two days celebrating the graduation of TheFirstChild from college. Then we'll move him and all of his belongings back home. I'm looking forward to having the pitter patter of big feet back in the house again. Obviously there won't be much sewing or productivity going on around here this week. But there will be lots of picture taking!


(*I've had the urge to try new names on the boys. Son1 and Son2 just weren't nicknamey enough for me. So, we'll see how these ones work out.)


Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures!

Congratulations to your son on his graduation.

Thanks for your egg questions. I think the egg sizes in the store go by weight--I've seen egg scales that give sizes like "large" or "jumbo" instead of actual metrics. Most of our girls are probably on the jumbo end of the scale, but we have one that lays a small dark brown egg. They're all the same type of chicken, though.

I think I'll give one of those adorable bags a try.

Off to buy some yarn...


Isabelle said...

Oh, yuck. Is that really chocolate? Am I being really stupid asking this? And if it is, it makes me feel very very old...

meggie said...

I have to agree with Isabelle here. I AM old, & the thought of that makes me queasy! lol.
But it looks like they enjoyed it!

Ragged Roses said...

I dream of chocolate, but wouldn't enjoy that! I've been tagged and am now tagging you - hope you don't mind. If you're interested please see my blog!
Kim x